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Real World Classrooms

Susan Nunamaker

Money Cents For Kids
created by Susan R. Nunamaker, Ed.S.

Susan Nunamaker is a teacher with a passion to help children grow up to be financially responsible, well-rounded adults.

Susan found a way to pursue that passion by creating Money Cents For Kids as a classroom management system to help children experience real life consequences within a safe environment. Money Cents For Kids extends to math, reading, writing, social studies, and financial literacy standards as students build a micro-economy within the classroom. Natural differentiation occurs as students discover their own interest and build upon their capabilities.

As Susan watched confidence and academic achievement rise in students from all socio-economic backgrounds, she knew that this system had the potential to transform students’ futures.

Susan comes from a long line of educators and grew up knowing she always wanted to become a teacher. But she took a detour and received a degree in accounting from Clemson University, working as a financial analyst before earning her masters in education from the College of Charleston and Ed.S. in school administration from Clemson University. Money Cents For Kids combines her degrees and experience in accounting and education.

Susan spent several years teaching in elementary school classrooms as she developed Money Cents For Kids. The children became her teachers as their responses and classroom performance provided ideas for enriching the system.

Susan describes the system as, “a cutting-edge classroom management system that immerses students in a real-world micro-economy, leading to an authentic understanding of our financial system and increased motivation to perform in the classroom.”

Susan’s favorite student quote relates to the “Life Happens” simulation that occurs as a consequence of choices in the classroom. Jessica, a student in Mrs. Nunamaker’s class, told her mother, “I learned you have to save your money because sometimes ... life happens!” After hearing this, Susan realized that she couldn’t have taught anything that day more beneficial to students’ future success.

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