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Teacher Testimonies

Patsy, 3rd grade teacher

“WOW. . . I thought it was GREAT!! I loved your ideas about everything. I loved your stories and videos. The commercials were FUN! Loved Dollar!”

Michael, 5th grade teacher

“I enjoyed every minute of the training. I am very excited about using Money Cents in my classroom this fall. Awesome!”

Stephanie, grade school teacher

“Wonderful program – looking forward to implementing it and seeing the difference and excitement it brings to the children.”  

Betsy, grade school teacher

“This was great! I love how it encompasses so much—academics, social skills, financial, behavior, etc. I can’t wait to try it!”   

Karen, 1st grade teacher

“This class is one of the few PD classes where I’ve come away with fun, practical things I can use immediately in my classroom. Fun, interesting and informative. Great!”

Melinda, 4th grade teacher

“I thought this was the most useful PD I have been to in a long time. I can’t wait to use the program in my classroom!!”

Melanie, 4th grade teacher

“What a wonderful program you have created. Thank you for your investment in the students of our future and most of all being willing to share your successes and strategies.”

Tracey, 2nd grade teacher

“It was a great training that provided many ideas to incorporate into my classroom. It’s very motivating, fun and teaches important life lessons!”

Kathy, Principal at Orchard Park Elementary

There are many benefits to the Money Cents for Kids program.  At its foundation, I believe that it is one of the most powerful ways to help break the cycle of poverty as it relates to money management.  Research indicates that families of poverty spend money as they receive it without a plan or ability to budget it.  The Money Cents program teaches students real life applications of money management while it also serves as an effective behavior management system.  After implementing the Money Cents program K-5, we saw a reduction of office referrals for the first quarter of this year from 48 in the previous year to 16.  (Half of those were bus referrals.) I believe that this program positively impacts many aspects of our educational program.

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