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Real World Classrooms

^ Lisa D.

"You even taught social justice and charity. My daughter says that she liked being able to buy things for her friends when they didn't have enough money."

v Julia S
"Jessica has learned so much from you about many things, finance included. One quote from her that sticks out in my mind is, "It's always best to save but sometimes "life" gets in the way".
v Michele Y.

"Garrett has learned so much from you in the 2 years he has had you. He knows that you don't automatically reach for the credit card just because you have it and he actually looks forward to saving money and not letting it blow a hole in his pocket."

v Amber R
"Douglas came away from your class with the concept of worth. He started to look at items to purchase in the other children's stores in terms of how much of his hard earned revenue he would have to spend to obtain an item. Often, he would tell me at home about items at school he "liked" but weren't "worth" his classroom dollars. Douglas came away with good lifetime lessons in the concept of money management.”
v Maggie B.

"I never would have thought first graders could have handled finances! My son loved the opportunity to earn money in class by setting up his own business and learned about business licenses and other expenses. Finally, lessons for the real world!"

v Beth B.

"We have been very pleased with the practical knowledge that Olivia is gaining from Mrs. Nunamaker’s class. It is such a great and fun way to learn math and financial responsibility. We are excited, but more importantly Olivia is excited about it!"

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