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Real World Classrooms


Kid's Testimonials 


I like stores because we get to sell stuff and do stuff and we get to make stuff and I think that it is really fun.


I like being part of Money Cents for Kids because you get to learn a lot about what will happen when you get to the real world and finish school and so you will know what to do.


I like super stars because if you're doing something nice, you'll get moved up but if you stay on good the whole week, you get paid!


When I get home from school, I want to go back to school, like the same time I get home, I want to go back to school because Money Cents is so much fun.


Dollar (Class Pet)Dollar is like the good behavior pet and you can take him home and write in his diary and then bring him back and choose another person and I just think it's really fun.


I would come to school even if I was really tired because of Money Cents because Money Cents is really cool and you can do businesses and it makes it very fun.


I like insurance because if you have a car wreck and you have to pay $60, if you have insurance you would only have to pay $15.

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