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Real World Classrooms

How REAL Works

Student Benefits

     * Makes learning fun
     * Expands vocabulary
     * Learn financial life lessons
     * Builds confidence in individual abilities
     * Students take ownership of learning
     * School is relevant; learning has purpose
     * Goal-setting creates motivation to perform
     * Entrepreneurship impacts core subject areas

Teacher Benefits:

     * Effective and positive classroom management
     * Student-based classroom system
     * Natural differentiation based on student interest
        and ability
     * Enhanced student coping skills
     * Peer think tank and compromise
     * Critical thinking through real-world experiences
     * Fun and exciting way to integrate financial literacy 
 without using instructional time

What can it do?

     * Increase instructional effectiveness
     * Increase attendance
     * Increase student creativity
     * Increase student confidence
     * Increase student participation
     * Increase subjects’ relevance, leading to
        superior test scores
     * Increase student financial skills for future success
     * Decrease behavior issues

REAL Frequently
Asked Questions

Money Cents For Kids links mathematics, financial literacy,
and career exploration through Essential Questions.
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Impacts Curriculum By:

Applying math skills – through hands-on experience in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, percentages, and word problems as applied to real-life situations.

Using reading and writing skills – through business ventures while creating business plans, filling out applications, and persuading classmates with advertising write-ups.

Bringing to life economic and social studies lessons – through student-based businesses, employment, government, and classroom judicial system.

Meeting National Financial Literacy Standards – by incorporating financial literacy into existing instructional schedule.

How to Put Money Cents to Work in Your Classroom!

When you order a Money Cents For Kids kit, you will receive a training video on DVD, a detailed teacher's guide on CD, and a year's worth of MC4K implementation materials for 24 students. It's that simple!

You just watch the training video and read through the teacher's guide at your convenience. Once you are ready, your MC4K materials will make implementation a snap! The next year, individual supplies can be purchased or another classroom kit can be ordered. This makes Money Cents easy to implement year after year!

If your school or district wishes to hold an in-person training or spiral support session, MC4K trainers are available to come to your school! Contact us for pricing.

This system becomes part of everyday life in the classroom—something the children love to participate in as they learn life lessons! 

View Introduction to MC4K Training Video

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