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enRICHment™  Financial Education Program

enRICHment™ by Money Cents For Kids provides fun financial lessons for 3rd – 8th grade students through after school and summer programs.  We provide staff training via DVD, fun lesson plans, and real-world financial materials for your students. Students will gain financial knowledge and critical thinking skills through engaging real-world experiences.

Students Will Learn: 

  • Enhanced Saving & Spending Skills including: Investing in Stocks and Bonds & Smart Shopping
  • Bank Account Management including: Savings, Checking, Debit Card Usage, & Check Writing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Career Exploration
  • Resume Writing
  • Interview Skills 
  • Budgeting for Needs vs. Wants
  • Employment Concepts
  • Owning vs. Renting 
  • Credit Card Decision-Making
  • Product Value
  • Insurance Models
  • Peer Networking
  • Critcal and Creative Thinking
  • Personal Responsibility

Lessons are based on National Financial Literacy Standards and incorporate 21st Century Learning Skills. You will find that our lessons enhance critical thinking skills and directly impact knowledge in Common Core State Standards content areas. Pre and post financial literacy assessments show an increase of financial knowledge by students from all socio-economic backgrounds.

We welcome you to contact us at info@mc4k.com to find organizations offering enRICHment™ programs near you.

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